Lunch Special $25

* 2022. Available now


Cheesy Garlic bread  mozzarella, garlic butter, chilli oil  (v)

Hummus with home-made bread (v)

Seasonal Soup   (V) 


Chicken Schnitzel  fries, salad, peri peri mayo

Classic Fish and Chips   terakihi with tartar sauce

Bolognese   with parmesan cheese

Calamari Salad   deep fried, peri peri mayo

House Falafel  (vegan)  tahini dressing and salad (5 pieces)

Chicken Filo Parcel  diced creamy chicken, tarragon, lemon, with salad

Fish Salad   (GF)   pan fried Tarakihi, quinoa, tomato, cucumber, herbs, beetroot puree 

Carbonara   bacon, mushroom with grated parmesan

Smoked Salmon  treacle labneh, beetroot puree, greens

Veggie Pasta Mushroom, seasonal vegetables, rose sauce, parmesan cheese

Shoulder of Lamb  (GF)  slow cooked, served with Pilaf (Rice, nuts and vegetables) 

Spicy Chicken Thigh lightly spiced, chilli sauce, cabbage pickles and salad




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