Lunch Special $22

* 2020. Available now
* Conditions apply


Bread and dips, (V) (GF bread available) 

Seasonal Soup

Garlic Bread, butter,confit garlic (V) (GF bread available)


Chargriled eggplant (Vegan) ( GF)  tahini dressing, chickpea salad of attotment vegetables 

Veggie Souvlaki   (v)  Falafil, tahini dressin, salad, homemade bread served with fries

Lamb Souvlaki  slow cooked lamb, tahini sauce, piaz salad on a homemade bread served with fries

Chicken Souvlaki  grilled chicken thigh, aioli, piaz on homemade breads served with fries

Chicken Schnitzel  served with aioli and fries

Pasta Carbonara  bacon, mushroom with grated parmesan

Classic Fish and chips   crumbed, chips, caper mayonase   

Greek Salad with olive, feta cheese vegeterian or with chicken or Lamb

House Falafel ( vegan)  tahini dressing, fennel, radish and salad 

Thigh of chicken   fregola Sardinia, hazelnuts, capers, avocado cream  

Shoulder of Lamb  fregola Sardinia, hazelnut, capers, Tzaziki 

Chicken Filo Parcel diced creamy chicken, terragon, lemon, with salad   

Fish Salad  (V) (GF) Quinoa, heirloom tomato, cucumber, beetroot puree

Lamb Kofta (GF)  Salad, muhammara (grilled capsicum with walnut puree), served with bread


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